Carprotect Advanced

This training course aims at the evaluation of the level of competence for the application of protective films; application techniques; capability to respond to a customer’s request for the application of BODYFENCE films. It will give the trainees all the “tips” regarding how to optimize the handling of BODYFENCE films.

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No minimum required


12 participants maximum


2 days


  • Tools and accessories
  • Preparation of the vehicle
  • Definition of areas to be protected
  • Analysis of target surface
  • Application techniques specific to BODYFENCE
  • Forming techniques
  • Cutting film to the right size
  • Finishing

Practice (min. 1.5 days)

On the first day, trainees will begin applying specific parts and learn the appropriate movements. The second day will be dedicated to practice. The knowledge and experience gathered during the 2 days is essential to perform a complete BODYFENCE.