Training Videos

HEXIS training videos

Our training videos illustrate the techniques for the correct installation of a vehicle wrap or a CarProtect protection film. They contain instructions for all necessary requirements: working environment, design of a digitally printed wrap, cleaning… up to the eventual removal of the film.

These are provided free for your own use; however they cannot be substituted for a training course with one of our expert teams.


HEXIS introduces the new series of videos featuring our team of expert installers from our training centre

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Getting ready.

Thibault Veuillet explains how to prepare a vehicle for a full wrap: cleaning liquids, protective measures on the vehicle…

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Final Cuts.

Pascal Bazonnard shows the techniques and some tricks for the final cuts at the end of a full wrap.

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This sequence shows all the necessary steps for the preparation of a digitally printed wrap.

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In this sequence Pascal Bazonnard explains the installation techniques for the vehicle protection film “CarProtect”.

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The HEXIS team explain the basics of wrapping with self-adhesive films: the different types of films,  surface preparation, etc.

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Thibault Veuillet and Pascal Bazonnard explain how to tackle the most complex parts of a vehicle such as bumpers, wing mirrors …

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We give away some tricks to understand how a cast film behaves when it is shaped or stretched.

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Pascal Bazonnard explains how to install a full wrap on a commercial vehicle with heavy deformations.

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