Foundation of self-adhesive films

Foundation of self-adhesive films

This training course is recommended for any professionals planning to start a business in the field of sign-making and marking. It aims at presenting the basic principles of self-adhesive films, their handling and application.

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No minimum required


8 trainees maximum
(4 per car maximum)


1 day
(To avoid extra travel costs and organization of the trainer’s agenda we ask you to book at least 2 full days of training sessions at a time.)


  • Knowledge and evaluation of the different types of adhesive films
  • Introduction to tools and accessories
  • Preparation of the substrate
  • Weeding and use of transfer tape
  • Using the squeegee
  • Dry and wet application methods
  • Application techniques depending on type of film
  • Cutting techniques on different substrates (panels, window, car…)
  • Finishing