3 certifications: Sign, Wrap and Bodyfence!

The Application Division HEXIS has set up a network of approved installers to offer its customers a high-performance and responsive service. It is for you and the end customer, the guarantee of successful work according to professional requirements and in accordance with a clearly defined ethics, thus establishing a chain of trust between HEXIS, you and the end customer.


  • A search for permanent improvement of the quality throughout the process of the production until the final customer.
  • Support of its distributor / installer customers towards a total expertise on the adhesive film, both on the product itself and on its application.


  • Discounts on the material and accessories
  • Referencing on our website
  • Communication tools reserved for the network
  • Access to the specific catalog “certified installers”
  • Free training
  • Highlighting on social networks
  • Support on shows / events
  • Sales training of our products


Attention: The exam consists of 61 questions, we recommend that you plan 1 hour to pass the test in good conditions. The code that you will receive by email after making your request is valid only once.


For professionals in sign installation


Aimed at professionals applying vehicle wrap


Designed for professionals in the installation of paint protection films

Being part of the Hex’Pert network means you will be able to rely on other members when big jobs call for extra hands. Moreover, HEXIS may also need your expertise, whether for product demos, trade shows, new clients, problemsolving or large-scale jobs.

Being part of Hex’Pert team is a winning argument for gaining confidence and new clients.

Offer your clients the assurance of quality work. Your competence in this area will have been refined, tested, qualified and certified. You will be able to include better guarantees for each job with confidence.