Wrap Advanced

This very comprehensive training course will give the trainees all the “tips” to learn how to optimise the handling of our adhesive films, to perform a full wrap. The trainer will answer any questions, demonstrate the practical techniques and will take into account the level of knowledge of each participant.

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It is highly recommended to participate in the Wrap Entry Level before applying for this wrapping course


12 participants maximum
(6 per car maximum)


3 days


  • Introduction to the world of adhesive vinyl, how to choose a product based on its application, the types of adhesives, temperatures
  • Calculation of the vinyl needed to wrap a car
  • Tools and accessories required
  • Preparation of the vehicle: liquids to use
  • Specific application techniques for HX190, HX20000, HX30000, CARPROTECT
  • Finishing touches and cuts
  • How to design a full wrap and to calculate the material needed

Practice (min. 2,5 days)

On the first day, trainees will begin applying specific parts and lean the appropriate movements The second day will be dedicated to practice with solid colours. On the third day, the trainees in teams will perform a full wrap in order to finish on time.

The knowledge and experience gathered during the first two days. The goal on the third day is to finish a full wrap with a digital printed design. On the third day all participants must take a written test.