Wrap Entry Level

This training course will introduce the trainees to the world of adhesive vinyl and allow them to gather their first practical experience (maximum 1 hour of practice).

This training course will give your customers all the knowledge needed to apply HEXIS media. It is highly recommended to participate in the Entry Level before applying for any other wrapping course or certification.

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No minimum required


12 participants maximum
(6 per car maximum)


1 day


  • Introduction to the world of adhesive vinyl, how to choose a product based on its application, the types of adhesives, temperatures
  • Calculation of the vinyl needed to wrap a car
  • Tools and accessories required
  • Preparation of the vehicle: liquids to use
  • Specific application techniques for HX190, HX20000, HX30000, and CARPROTECT (car body protection)
  • Finishing touches and cuts
  • Practice (max. 1 hour): at the end of the first day, trainees will begin applying specific parts and learn the appropriate movements