What is a certified installer?


What is a certified installer?


What is the Certification made for, who should seek to be certified?

Our aim is to provide a formal framework within which professionals in the field are able to qualify their ability as an application and/or vehicle wrap specialist. In order to achieve this, the installer must demonstrate several capacities in application. These include technical knowledge, skills and expertise which allow him or her to tackle all known situations as well as overcome new ones.

The skill set is a special one. It ensues from experience (including learning from mistakes), practice, training, a passion for the field, an eye for detail, a will to constantly improve and a natural talent for manual applications. It also requires discipline and problem-solving logic.

Welcome to Global network of Hexis certified installers

HEXIS certified installers are listed in the worldwide network of the HEXIS APPLICATION DIVISION.

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What are the advantages of being a HEXIS certified installer?


Being part of the Hex’Pert network means you will be able to rely on other members when big jobs call for extra hands. Moreover, HEXIS may also need your expertise, whether for product demos, trade shows, new clients, problemsolving or large-scale jobs.


Being part of Hex’Pert team is a winning argument for gaining confidence and new clients.


Offer your clients the assurance of quality work. Your competence in this area will have been refined, tested, qualified and certified. You will be able to include better guarantees for each job with confidence.

Certified Training.

HEXIS certification means more than just a piece of paper. It encompasses rigorous training in all aspects of vehicle wrapping, whether technical or practical, problem scenarios, the wrapping industry and all aspects related to it.